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Eight things WFH-ers need in their lives…

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I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve worked from home for, but I must have exceeded the 10 year point at this mark. So by this point I’m a WFH veteran and I’ve made the mistakes of daytime TV, working from bed (ok sometimes I still do that one), and not leaving the house for too many days (it’s just not good for the soul!) and I’m here to share the wisdom…

A Dedicated Space. You’ve heard this one a million times before, but some kind of dedicated space where you can get to work, just makes you feel a whole lot more focused and on task. Even if it’s something that you pack up at the end of everyday, just the getting it out and putting it away can help click you into work mode and switch off at the end of the day. I can’t speak to a perfect chair or laptop set-up because I’m a hunched over Queen most of the time, but having a quiet space to myself is key.

A Visual Timer*. This is a relatively new one for me, but as someone who picks up their phone ‘just to check something‘ about 178979 times an hour, it’s been pretty helpful so far. Of course super focused work isn’t going to happen all day long, but maybe you just need a power hour to do the final push for a project and this is perfect for that. Set it for as short, or as long as you like – up to an hour – and often I’ll forget it’s on and not look at it till there is like 10 minutes left. It’s magic.

Invest in Loungewear. It’s a fine line trying to balance an outfit that’s comfy and cosy, but still meeting and ‘delivery person at the door’ appropriate. This outfit though is the answer. Firstly you’ve got to layer up underneath – get that vest on, a little long-sleeve t-shirt, lovely. Then on top I’ve the ARKET Cable-Knit Jumper*, isn’t it fab? It’s thick enough so I feel toasty, but super presentable too. On the bottom half I’m sticking with my ‘no good work gets done in jeans‘ mantra and gone for the LESET Zoe Knitted Wide-Leg Pants*, a great sale find. Knitted on knitted is the best louungewear combo I’ve found for the winter

…and Slippers. In my eyes there are really two slipper options – and I’ve tried a LOT in my lifetime. Either you go for the comfy route or the slightly more chic route. For comfort, you just can’t beat the UGG Scuffette Slippers*. Nothing beats them, especially in the winter. For something a little more chic, you’ve got the Birkenstock EVA Sandals* for during the summer, or the Birkenstock Boston Clogs* if you can ever find them in stock.

Good Food. The years I have spent with a poorly stocked fridge and a temptation to order in lunch ALL THE TIME. I have been there. Either you end up draining your bank account thanks to Deliveroo or eating cereal for lunch five days a week. So prioritise food shops, have a list of three or four lunches you can make on repeat that are quick to prep but nourishing to eat, and make sure you have the ingredients for those in stock at all times. For example I love a sushi style bowl (pre-cooked salmon, avocado and a pack of rice and whatever else I have hanging around), tuna in a baked sweet potato or spinach and scrambled eggs on toast (made with frozen spinach so it’s always on hand and never bad!).

…and Good Snacks. The same goes for snacks. Everyone loves snacks and you need good snacks in your life. Whilst I’m partial a date with peanut butter or a Mint Chocolate Energy Ball, I do love the convenience of a bar; plus they are good to throw in your bag when you’re on the go to. The best I’ve found are the RXBar’s – not the cheapest out there, but you get what it says on the tin and the Sea Salt Chocolate is *Chef’s kiss*.

A Large Water Bottle*. If you don’t want to be up and down all the time to refill your water, grab yourself a water bottle. My advice would be to get one with a straw so it DOES NOT spill all over your laptop and one that’s insulated so it keeps your drinks nice and cool all year round (or warm if that’s more your vibe).

Some Good Tunes. I’m a boring silent worker most of the time, but every now and again I dip my toe into the world of working with music on and you just can’t go wrong with a Lofi Beats Playlist. It gives the home a bit more of a cool coffee shop vibe. Most mornings we play it to make the breakfast rush feel a whole lot more chill, but in terms of working it can help switch up the mood a little.


Photos by Mark Newton

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