SPF 2021 Round Up

Let’s talk SPF! One of the most important steps in my skincare routine. I used to never apply SPF, especially since I live in the UK and sunshine is a very rare sight here. Plus I work from home most days, so I always thought the UV rays wouldn’t really get to me. But oh I know better now! Since the beginning of the year, I started using SPF every single day. I realised how much the sun damages the skin even if you are inside (even if you live in the gloomy UK). The sun is actually one of the biggest causes for skin ageing and wrinkles and I’m doing everything in my power to prevent those for as long as possible.

So here are some of my absolute favourite sunscreens for everyday and on vacation. I am very particular when it comes to sunscreens, especially for the face, since they used to break me out. These ones are break-out free, smell great and absorb really fast. So if you’ve not already started incorporating SPF into your skincare routine, there’s no time like the present, and the earlier you start the better actually. You’ll thank me when you still have youthful, glowy skin in 20 years!

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